Scott Gilbert

Patent Agent


Phone 206-949-7834 (Cell)

Education Details
  • PhD. Chemistry
    University of California, Santa Barbara, CA
  • M.S. Chemical Engineering
    University of California, Los Angeles, CA
  • B.S. Chemistry
    California State University, Northridge, CA
  • B.S. Biology
    University of California, San Diego, CA


Scott is a patent agent with the firm.  Scott holds a PhD degree in Chemistry and a MS in Chemical Engineering. He has been a researcher for over 25 years in chemistry, physics and several engineering fields – including bioengineering, electronic engineering, software engineering, mechanical engineering, nanotechnology and microtechnology. Scott has prepared and filed many patent applications covering a wide range of inventions – including chemical, mechanical/electronic, business methods and software. In addition to having a strong technical background in multiple subjects, he also has several years of entrepreneurial experience. This combination gives him the ability to have a strong kinship with his clients, as he fully understands what is at stake for them to turn their dreams into reality.


“Separation using biaxial dielectrophoretic field-flow fractionation”, Joseph Peach, Scott Gilbert, Vikram Jandhyala and Lih Lin, , submitted to Lab Chip, February 2009.

“Continuous Sampling and analysis by on-chip liquid/solid chromatography”, Mario Schlund, Scott E. Gilbert, Silvan Schnydrig and Philippe Renaud, Sensors and Actuators B, 2007 123, 1133-1141.

S.E. Gilbert, “The Future of Liquid Phase Microseparation Devices in Process Analytical Technology” in Micro Instrumentation for High Throughput Experimentation and Process Intensification – a Tool for PAT, M.V. Koch, K.M. van den Busch, R.W. Chrisman, eds., Wiley-VCH Verlag Weinheim, Germany, 2007, pp. 258-304.

30+ research papers in refereed journals plus numerous oral presentations