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Mughal Gaudry & Franklin PC

Mughal Gaudry & Franklin PC (DBA ImpactPatents.com) is a minority-owned, diverse, highly sophisticated, and result and client-oriented boutique intellectual property (IP) law firm.  We bring decades of collective engineering experience to protect our client’s cutting edge technological innovations.  We also bring decades of collective patent law experience including law firm experiences.

We specialize in electrical and computer engineering arts, and mechanical arts including semiconductor process, semiconductor packaging, semiconductor tools, circuits, software, optics, memories, batteries, chemical arts, artificial intelligence, fin-tech, business methods, cross-section of bio-tech and AI, and emerging technologies.  Our practitioners have years of engineering experience, and advanced engineering and science degrees.  

Our staff is experienced in all facets of patent preparation and prosecution.  Our staff assists with budget forecasting for clients upon request.  We have engagements with preferred foreign counsels in Europe, China, Taiwan, Australia, South Korea, etc.  As such, we manage foreign filings and prosecution for our clients.  

Mughal Gaudry & Franklin PC has assembled an amazing exclusive back office team of patent engineers, patent analysts, draft persons, and quality engineers with top technical backgrounds that are focused on spending the time necessary to deliver the highest quality prosecution work product under the close supervision of licensed patent prosecutors.  

There are many firms that do patent work, but we bring to the table an experienced team with deep technical expertise focused primarily on electrical, electronics, software, and computer science that few can match.  In addition to the bios listed here, we retain a number of patent engineers to fill out the technical bench.  Despite our depth, we deliver our legal services at surprisingly reasonable billing rates so that we deliver thoughtful work product not tainted with the haste that prevents the creative work producing patents requires.